A Cavalier Preview


The piousness surrounding the recent basketball championship is only the latest saccharine injection keeping the emptiness of modernity at bay. From the infantile predictions of a Cleveland economic recovery to the religious quality of the public celebrations, the aftermath of this distraction offers a glimpse into the Republican National Convention’s operating space. Multicultural masses huddled into goofy bars, profusely sweating and baking like sardines, poured into the streets Sunday night for a drug-addled destruction of property romp. Entry into the city was shut down as police hurried to manage public relations in light of the sublime victory bestowed on such a humble group of welfare clients. Celebrators were commandeering fire trucks, dancing atop vehicles, and smashing into cars. Hey, not OK man! Can one count on the jovial levity of the police at the convention?

“Speechless,” “unprecedented victory,” “historic,” and “exuberance” are just some of the words used to describe the event. Yet this misdirected fervor still caused untold destruction. These same client groups will be easily harassed into a frenzy come convention time. Only time will tell if Republicans begin to see through the paradigm.


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